Research Postgraduate Funding in Philosophy, Religion, and History of Science at University of Leeds 2015/16

[via Jonathan Topham]

The School of Philosophy, Religion and History of Science at the University of Leeds is pleased to inform potential applicants for postgraduate study that it is able to offer up to 18 fully-funded PhD scholarships for UK/EU students for 2015-16 entry, plus further scholarships for international students.

More information about postgraduate study in History & Philosophy of Science and/or Philosophy at Leeds here .

For full, regularly updated information on upcoming awards and deadlines, including application procedures, see the University of Leeds Postgraduate Scholarships site.

Funding opportunities for full-time or part-time PhD study include the following:

UK/EU Students

* Up to two School of Philosophy, Religion, and History of Science Scholarships – UK/EU Fees + £14,000 Maintenance (Awards may be made on a rolling basis after 2 FEBRUARY 2015)
* Up to six White Rose College of the Arts & Humanities AHRC Studentships (Deadline 2 FEBRUARY 2015)
* Up to five University of Leeds 110th Anniversary Research Scholarships (Deadline: 18 FEBRUARY 2015)
* Up to two University of Leeds Research Scholarships (Deadline: 13 MARCH 2015)
* University of Leeds Endowed Research Scholarships (Deadline: 1 JUNE 2015)
* Two studentships on the AHRC-funded project ”Scientific Realism and the Quantum”, starting 1 March 2015, and working with Dr Juha Saatsi and Prof. Steven French (Deadline: 1 DECEMBER 2014)

Correspondence regarding the application procedure may be directed to

Those interested in applying are advised to contact potential supervisors at an early stage. You should contact them by email, either directly or through the relevant postgraduate research tutor:

* Prof. Pekka Vayrynen for Philosophy (
* Dr Juha Saatsi for History and Philosophy of Science (
* Dr Jamie Dow for Applied Ethics (
* Dr Sean McLoughlin for Theology and Religious Studies (

You are invited to consider visiting Leeds, by arrangement, to meet potential supervisors and current students, attend seminars, and explore the university’s excellent resources. Modest travel bursaries are available for such purposes.

You are also strongly encouraged to attend (in most cases following application) the university’s Postgraduate Open Day on Friday 6 February 2015, 11am-4pm, when you will have opportunity to meet potential supervisors, current postgraduates, and the postgraduate team.


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