Steven Shapin to give Seminar at Lund University, Monday May 5

[via Thomas Kaiserfeld]

On Monday, May 5, at 1.15 pm, Steven Shapin, Professor of the History of Science, Harvard Univ., will give a seminar at the Dep. of Arts and Cultural Sciences, Lund University. The seminar will be held in Kulturanatomen, room 202, Biskopsgatan 7, Lund.

‘You are what you eat’: Historical changes in ideas about food and identity


There is deep historicity to the adage ‘You are what you eat’. For a very long time, the relations between aliment and identity – personal and national – were understood in terms of Galenical dietetics and modes of analogical reasoning from the qualities of food to the qualities of people. ‘Hot’ foods, for example, made for a ‘hot’ temperament, and the stolidity of the ox might be transferred to people who ate its flesh.

This talk tracks the historical career and cultural significance of these relations, and, with the decline of both traditional dietetics and of analogical reasoning by the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, it describes the different cultural vocabulary used in modernity to talk about food and identity.

All welcome!


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