”Unsettled frontiers”: PhD course at the International Graduate Program in History of Science, Uppsala University

[via Otto Sibum]

This fall the PhD course ”Unsettled frontiers: Science and knowledge in the long 19th century” (7,5 hp) will be given  at Uppsala University, International Graduate Program in History of Science.The course will be held by Kapil Raj, Ecole des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales in Paris, and Otto Sibum, Office for History of Science at Uppsala University. The course will also include some prominent guest lecturers, like Simon Schaffer, Cambridge and Xavier Roquez from University of Barcelona.

The course starts September 5th and last until October 31st, 2013. It will be held Thursdays from 10-12 am, and the seminar takes place in the Rausing Room at Uppsala University, Engelska Parken, Humanistiskt Centrum, Hus 6, 3025

The course plan is based on an ongoing research project on “knowledge and science in the long 19th century” that had been developed over the last years andwill finally lead to a major publication, History of Modern Sciences, 1770 – 1914 vol. 2,containing twenty three thematic overview articles (each about 6000 words) that will appear in a three volume publication, History of Modern Sciences, vol. 1-3, edited by Dominique Pestre, Paris: Le Seuil 2014.


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